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Oxacan Pastries


Oaxacan sweets and bread

The traditional sweets of Oaxaca are more like pastries and they come in a huge variety of mouth-watering forms. There seems very little point trying to describe every single variation of these sweets and how they taste, so instead the best way to help will simply be to inform where these are available from; thankfully these traditional sweets are available in nearly every local market and sometimes from street vendors too.

Oaxacan bread also deserves a mention; there are of course the usual kinds of bread available for making sandwiches etc. as well as some European breads in specialised bakeries, but in Oaxaca there are also some artisanal breads that are available, the most popular of which is ‘pan de yema’ (egg yolk bread), which as the name suggests is made with eggs. ‘Pan de yema’ is also known as ‘pan de muerto’ because traditionally this Oaxacan bread was prepared for the day of the dead celebrations (Dia de muertos). Nowadays though it is prepared daily and is consumed normally at breakfast time with a delicious bowl of Oaxacan hot chocolate, champurrado, atole or chocoatole.